Give me two days, and I can turn you into a fully competent streetfighter with the same system
I teach the Navy SEALS!

Paul Vunak’s high-level training programs have been used by our U.S. Navy SEAL teams, the FBI, DEA, and over 50 police departments across the country. These agencies all have one thing in common – very little time to allocate to defensive tactics training. Vunak’s streamlined system provides the most effective and efficient tools and tactics for self-defense, not in weeks or months, but in days.

Intensive Personal Training Program

“Give me two days, and I can turn you into a fully competent streetfighter with the same system I teach the Navy Seals!”

– Paul Vunak

During more than twenty years of training Bruce Lee’s Jeet Kune Do, I have developed a program that is used by our U.S. Navy SEAL teams, the FBI, DEA, and over 50 police departments across America. Why have these agencies requested my services so often over the years? Simple…I can turn people into fighters in a matter of days.

Most of these agencies have very little time to allocate to defensive tactics. Consequently, they come to me because I have streamlined very high-level training methods into a highly effective formula…the very same formula I will be teaching you.


Bill Wallace

Basically there are four ranges in fighting: Kicking, punching, trapping, and grappling. Of the thousands of fighting styles such as kung-fu, karate, wrestling, or boxing, most styles fall within the confines of only one of these ranges. 99.9 percent of all martial artists (or street brawlers) are familiar with two or three of the ranges – most no-holds-barred fighters can kick, punch, and wrestle. But one of Bruce Lee’s biggest revelations was that almost no one knows how to fight in trapping range!

In trapping range, we can utilize the most barbaric tools on the body (headbutts, knees, elbows) that have the capacity to take an opponent out of commission. If you stay out in long range and trade bombs (punches and kicks) with someone, the bigger, stronger, faster, younger person usually wins. On the other hand, when we talk about slamming our head into someone’s face, or driving a knee into the groin, size and strength become irrelevant.


Dan Inosanto 1980


Dan Inosanto 1985

One of the first things you’ll learn is how to use nerve destructions to deal with heavy punches and kicks. Secondly, you and I will be doing hands-on training called “energy drills” -drills passed on from Bruce Lee to Dan Inosanto to me…and now to you. I will then teach you the most effective trapping techniques that enable you to take out your opponent with a barrage of elbows, knees, and head butts.

Because of its emphasis on simplicity and directness, this way of fighting does not take years to perfect…or even months. If you think my title statement is false (or a wild exaggeration), then I welcome you with open arms. And if you’re not happy, I will refund every dime you paid! – Paul Vunak


Dan Inosanto Aspen CO 1980


Dan Inosanto Black Belt Shoot

The training is even more affordable for everyone! We have new options for training and instructor certification beginning this year. There has been a tremendous demand for personal training programs; to better accommodate everyone’s needs, we have restructured our classes and price schedule.

1. Semi-private Personal Training/Instructorship Program. Each semi-private group will have up to a maximum of eight students. (On many occasions, there will be less than eight in the group!!)These programs will be taught by Paul and one or more of his top PFS trained and certified instructors; so each student is guaranteed plenty of personal attention! For those of you who want to split the cost of the personal training program, but can’t find suitable partners, this is a great option! The cost of the two-day semi-private training program is $475.00 per person. (Covers both days!)


Dan Inosanto Black Belt Shoot


Dan Inosanto Black Belt Shoot

2. Law Enforcement Instructorship Program. Paul Vunak has developed one of the most respected programs in the country for teaching law enforcement officers. Currently over 50 police departments in the United States have adopted this program. We are now offering personal training programs to civilians on how to teach this exact program from A to Z. Graduates from this course will learn not only the specific curriculum, but also how to get your foot in the door of your local police department, and the appropriate way to present the program (accompanied by your official instructorship certificate). This is a 12-hour program, completed over two days. The fee is $2,000.00; and can be split among four participants. ($500.00 per person)

3. Private, One-on-one Personal Training/Instructorship Program. The price for a two-day personal training instructorship program is $2,000.00. If you wish, you can still bring up to four training partners to split the cost. (This could equate to five people each paying only $400.00!) Paul will teach you (and your group) exclusively for the entire two-day program.


Master Stephan Hayes 1983

Call now to schedule your Personal Training Program, call 760-822-2197. We can walk you through every detail of planning your trip, from where to fly in, to where to stay when you’re in California!


Master William Cheung 1985

Master William Cheung 1985
All three training programs are videotaped! You can take these tapes home with you and re-live your training experience anytime you wish! These videos are yours to keep

You’ll receive certification to teach my art to others! Since the all three of the Training Programs are instructor candidate courses, most people will be qualified to receive an official Instructorship Certificate, testifying that you are now qualified to teach others what you have learned.


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Vunak panther video shoot