Jeramiah Giehl

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San Diego


3441 Ruffin Rd #B1, San Diego, CA 92123

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“Do or do not, there is no try.” – Yoda


I am a Martial Artist with many years of experience starting my serious studies beginning around 1993. I am an Instructor in Multiple Martial arts.

Most recently I received Certification to teach P.F.S. Military Edged Weapons Certification under Sifu Paul Vunak to teach Progressive Fighting Systems Seal Team 6 Combatives as well as Bruce Lee’s Contemporary Jeet Kune Do and FMA/Kali – Phase 1 Instructorship. I am also a member of the Descendants of the Masters training program.

I also received Senior 2nd Level Student Coach in Los Angeles Chinatown Jeet Kune Do under Tim Tackett, Mike Blesch and Steven Resell.

I’ve also recently got certified to teach Level 1 Civilian – Israeli Krav Maga from 5th Dan Master Alain Cohen of the Israeli Wingate Institute that teach the IDF through the Krav Maga Security Federation in which I’m also a Level 5 – Brown Belt under Expert Alain Cohen.

Martial Arts Saved My Life.

Growing up in the inner-city I learned the art of fighting by fending off bullies and gang bangers. I grew up in gang territory so one learned to survive real quick.

In high school a kid in the 9th grade came up to and said “You’re known as a fighter,” I just looked at him and he continued “no, no that’s a good thing, you win more than you loose.” I wasn’t particularly proud of this. Fighting isn’t something you seek out. There is no glory in getting beat up or fighting back and defending yourself. Getting jumped by gang bangers or running to escape a group of gang bangers is not fun.

I had no instructors early on just the streets and some books and VHS tapes occasionally. At some point I picked up the Tao of Jeet Kune Do and all for Bruce Lee Fighting Method books as well as the Bruce Lee Fighting Method VHS with Ted Wong and Richard Bustillo. I bought some training gear and started training myself with a speed bag, bag gloves, a heavy bag, and begun practicing punches and kicks.

The only two fights I had in High School got me dubbed “Ninja Boy” because by this time I had begun to train in Taekwondo and was working toward my recommended Black Belt at that time. I was also vice president of the Martial Arts Club along with my friend Joseph Pelaez who taught me Aikido and I taught him TKD. I trained with the wrestling team for about a year because I come from a wrestling family but lost interest in pinning people to their back. I wanted to study real combat arts.

I feel like martial arts saved my life, thanks to my first instructor Mr. Dan Allegro from Family Karate in Oceanside for all he did to help me, my Mr. Miyagi in a way. He helped me become a man at a time when my father wasn’t around. I would clean up the Dojang and help teach the kids classes for two hours and then train for two hours. At this time I was running 4-5 miles every morning something I picked up from wrestling practice.

After watching the early UFC fights I started training Olympic Taekwondo. I also tried Muay Thai, Gracie Jiu-Jitsu and some MMA for a while. With my wrestling background I did pretty well at BJJ. I didn’t stick with it long because there’s wasn’t alot of teaching in the early 90’s just a lot of rolling. I got overwhelmed and disinterested my brain wasn’t being stimulated.

In College we had Midnight Fight Clubs no-rules mixed martial arts fights. It was during one of these that I was applying a Rear Naked Choke when the guys friend stomped on my throat. This woke me up to the multiple opponent scenario.

So, In 2003 I tried Krav Maga Worldwide in Dallas for a while. I also trained in Haganah (a derivative of Krav Maga, basically Krav Maga by another name) when I moved to Santa Maria, then I also did some Krav Maga conferences here and there from time to time as well. I really wanted to focus on Self Defense training. I like the focus on defense against guns, knives, sticks and multiple opponents. I also was able to use and apply the Jeet Kune Do I had taught myself and refine it. Because the two arts share a lot of commonalities.

Then I received a work injury to my low back, and not long after I was in a car accident that made it worse. I lost my physical ability I gained weight, got out of shape, and became very depressed because Martial Arts was my life. I was out of doing martial arts and most physical activity. I’ve had chronic pain for over 15 years now. I acquired asthma when I moved to Arizona. Enter old age, marriage, kids and being overweight along with struggling with PTSD from the violence and abuse I suffered growing up.

In 2013 I got mugged / jumped by 6 guys who wanted my money. I won or lost depending who you talk to of but my face was covered in blood and I was so out of shape and beat up. Maybe it was more of a tie. They left while I was still fighting. I say it was a tie because I had taken a beating and was bleeding bad.

In 2014 was asked to teach PE (I taught the kids Taekwondo) and Art at my sons private school and learned my passion to teach Taekwondo to kids and see them grow was still there.

In 2015 I decided to go back and retrain to get my black belt in Taekwondo with all my injuries, asthma , PTSD and other health issues to prove I could working with my Doctors of course.

I gained an addiction to training again I worked hard to reacquire my Black Belt in Taekwondo in the process I started training in Warrior Kali (Pekiti Tirsia Kali under Tuhon Apolo Ladra) and Warrior Krav Maga with Mr. Anthony Landgren who allowed me to start teaching Warrior Krav Maga when he was gone. During this time I got certified to teach ATA Krav Maga under Chief Master Daniel Longoria.

I also trained at the Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Chandler for a while with Michael Stinson and at the Phoenix JKD Mixed Martial Arts Academy with Shahram Moosavi in Kali, JKD and no-gi BJJ (He was a Megaton Black Belt). I trained with a student of Ted Wong in Jeet Kune Do (Original) for a while.

Since I moved unto studying martial arts on a professional level currently I am a 1st Degree Black Belt in ATA Songahm Taekwondo under 5th Degree Black Belt Mr. Anthony Landgren.

Since moving to San Diego I have begun training with Sensei Phillip Palmejar (one of Roy Harris Black Belts) at the P5 Academy in JKD, Jendo Arnis, Kali Ilustrusimo and BJJ. Where I am also apprenticing to become a JKD, Kali and BJJ instructor along with co-teaching Chinatown JKD on Thursdays.