John Robins

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Full Instructor

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Full Instructor


John Robins, trained martial arts for 34 years (Started at 3, my father is a martial arts instructor and started me young) studying Japanese and Okinawan Karate and weaponry, Taiji, wing chun, multiple systems of Silat and gung fu, aikido, Jiu-jitsu, judo, Kyushu Jitsu and many many more. I have studied JKD for about 20 years, although my exposure to JKD had begun at seminars pre those 20 years when JKD was in its UK infancy. I have trained with multiple high level JKD instructors over the years, including very fortunately for myself Dan Inosanto, Rick Young, Rick Faye, and of course my sifu Paul Vunak. I would consider myself to be fairly old school when giving out ranks having only given out certifications to 6 people in all the years I’ve been teaching (Danny Torres AP – 001002, Tony Houghton AP – 004007, Sean Meadowcroft Co 003, Stephen Forrester Co & Kb 009011, Shaun Lomas MTL2 – 005006, Nick Jones gf/sc 008010). I am also a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu black belt Under multiple world, pan am and ADCC Champion Braulio Estima, and have produced Pro MMA Champions and European level BJJ Champions. My continuing wish is to develop as a martial artist and coach.