Jesus Rangel Jr

DOM Rank


PFS Rank

Full Instructor


Westminster Colorado

Phone Number

(720) 445-2366


Jesse (Jesus) Rangel Jr. has been a practitioner of the martial arts since the age of four. Having been thrown into violence at a young age due to racism in his home town of Marion, IN. Jesse had to learn to deal with altercations in a realistic manner. This lead to training and rank in countless martial disciplines. He received a Black belt (1st Dan) in Tang Soo Do and American Kenpo Karate, and then a phase 1 and Full Instructor Rank in Jeet Kune Do and Filipino Kali under Sifu Paul Vunak. Through his Jeet Kune Do training he also received a Blue Belt in Brazilian jiujitsu (Under Megaton Dias Black Belt Curtis Hill of Castle Rock JiuJitsu), training certificates in the Filipino Martial Arts and Maphilindo Silat (under Guro Dan Inosanto), and is certified in Muay Thai. Jesse currently resides in Colorado where he is the head coach and instructor at Fight Life MMA in the city Denver teaching Kids and adult MMA/Self Defense JKD/PFS under the program name of KO systems (Kali Offence). Here he trains and teaches civilians and non-civilians alike and continues to further not only his own growth but the growth of many students. He has also provided fight choreography and training for film and video game companies, as well as being a high school and middle school STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) teacher, and an armed government security officer. Always a teacher, forever a student, loving and proud father of three children, Jesse continues his training and teaching in the ever beautiful state of Colorado.