John Luongo

DOM Rank

Phase One JKD Instructor, Full Instructor Law enforcement continuum , Full Instructor Rapid Assault Tactics Full Instructor Edged Weapons

PFS Rank

Phase One JKD,full Instructor Law enforcement Continuum , Rapid Assault Tactics Full Instructor Full Instructor Edged Weapons


Levittown NY 11756


3713 Hempstead Turnpike

Phone Number

516 992 3432


Peace through Strength


Sgt. NYPD Retired, Licensed Private Investigator in NY and Florida, Licensed Security Provider in NY, NJ, Fla. Firearms and Tactics Instructor. Trained in Boxing, Krav Maga, and Contemporary JKD. Boxing and student of the Sweet Science at a very young age John is proficient in teaching Hand to Hand combat along with his skills and philosophy of Street and Real life Tactical Defense. John is well respected in the Private/Personal Bodyguard community amongst the likes of celebrities and corporate personnel. They trust their lives and their security knowing John as  skilled and tactically aware of real life dangers, and capable of controlling such.


New York