Immanuel Gomez

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Phase One Instructor

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Phase One Instructor 2016 Edged Weapons Instructor


Merrillville, IN


1205 W Lincoln Highway Suite #9

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"The more you teach, the more you learn, the more you learn, the more you realize how much you truly don’t know, thus teaching what you do know in order to know.”


Immanuel is no stranger to the martial arts, at age 5 he had two passions in life ministry & martial arts, & began his journey in Sil Lum Chuan Fa Kung Fu. Holding rank in multiple systems including 3rd degree black sash in Sil Lum Chuan Fa Kung Fu. Immanuel also holds a blue sash under another form Shaolin Kempo & a Green belt in a combined style composed of Modern Arnis, Small Circle Ju Jitsu, & Kempo. Immanuel has extensive knowledge in other arts such as Tai Chi, Karate & Kenpo/Kung Fu & later on in life various other arts such as the Filipino Martial Arts.

“It was by the grace of YAH (God) & my martial arts training that gave me the strength to become who I am now.” He vowed if he would be blessed & skilled in the martial arts he would give back, helping anyone especially women, children, & the disabled to learn to protect & defend themselves.

At a young age Immanuel felt something was missing in his training, only to soon find out many classical systems of martial arts didn’t work without modifying, blending & combining other styles & elements within them to make them work.

Being a fan of Bruce Lee’s growing up & watching Danny Inosanto, along with Paul Vunak , was introduced to Kali Arnis and Stick Fighting & fell in love with the systems of the Philippines & Indonesia hoping one day to be skilled in them. The warrior in Immanuel always sought after truth in Combat & felt the connection to the methods & philosophy of JKD/Kali training, even more so with Sifu Paul Vunak’s approach to effectively end a fight fiercely & quickly.

Immanuel used to teach martial arts part time to the youth & women’s Self Defense, anyone that knows him knows how much love & passion he puts into teaching & training; especially when working with a few of his students that had special needs loving every minute of it, always trying to bring out the best in each & every student he was blessed to teach. While also working in security at that time in his life, Immanuel in time became a security trainer with a captains rank, & later on working part time as a bouncer which was the real pivotal turning point in his life, where he truly came to find out much of the classical martial arts to be ineffective compared to what he was learning in JKD/Kali.

Once again always seeking reality & truth in combat, Immanuel was quite disappointed feeling like years of his life had been wasted; while respecting tradition he soon found out tradition can also keep a person bound thus limiting one’s self especially when it came to real combat. Soon afterward certain hardships befell Immanuel, having to take some time away from martial arts & enter into the second area & calling on his life the ministry, he so desired to teach again & study more to incorporate what he taught. However besides the love he has for his wife & family Immanuel’s faith would soon be tested as his world came to a halt.

In the second year of his marriage while ministering at a sister congregation while driving home Immanuel & his wife were in a tragic car accident that left them permanently disabled. Soon after returning to ministry & undergoing 4 major surgeries, it was those words from the surgeon & the doctor that left Immanuel devastated as if a major piece of his life was now gone. It was those famous words from the surgeon & the doctor “you might as well say good bye to martial arts that part of your life is done with & ended.” Along with suffering from PTSD trauma from the accident and a few other things left Immanuel to fall in deep depression for a few years.

In His own words: “It was by the grace of Yeshua Ha Mashiach (Jesus Christ) & through the love of my life my wife’s, motivation along with her prayers & the prayers encouragement of others who knew me growing up reminding me I was always a fighter; to search deep within & bring him back out. Their prayers & motivation along with my desire is what drove me to begin to fight for my life once again & now still progressively doing so ready to start teaching martial arts again.”

One thing is surethose that truly know Immanuel personally, know he’s genuine loving & compassionate yet a no nonsense teacher both in the martial arts & in ministry; he loves bringing out the best in his students & congregants. Don’t let his being a minister deceive you, when it comes to Self Defense & Self Preservation he takes a no nonsense approach & wants to ensure he’s teaching his students practical Self Defense to help give them the tools necessary to aid them in defending themselves in a real altercation.

Having a loving concern for the safety of his wife and women in general, Immanuel has a passion for teaching self-defense to women. He also has a loving concern for the disabled & thus Immanuel derives a great deal of satisfaction from teaching women to defend themselves against would be attackers along with teaching the disabled that they are otherwise able.

Immanuel has since been promoted to Phase One & Edged Weapons Instructor & considers it a real privilege to be a student of Mr. Vunak & honored to be entrusted with the privilege of teaching Contemporary Jeet Kune Do under the lineage of Sigung Paul Vunak, tying back to Guru Dan Inosanto and the master himself, Bruce Lee.

Some of Immanuel’s goals are to become a full instructor under PFS & learn as much as he can to advance & teach others various systems offered through Progressive fighting systems. Such emphasis include but are not limited to are deeper training & knowledge in Kali & the Indonesian martial arts, along with more of the street fighting tactics, tactical shooting Self Protection programs and all other tactical training methods offered including the medical training offered.

His motto:” The more you teach, the more you learn, the more you learn, the more you realize how much you truly don’t know, thus teaching what you do know in order to know.”