Ian Luwis

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Full Instructor


Washington D.C. and Northern Virginia

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Ian has been interested in martial arts almost his entire life. Other than the training he did when he was very young, he did not start pursuing it fully until right after high school. Ian started off training in Krav Maga and then was introduced to Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Kali, and Thai boxing.  He then started researching other martial arts and came across the names of Guro Dan Inosanto and Sifu Paul Vunak. After seeing footage of them train, Ian was instantly hooked and moved out to California to train with both of them.  In addition to Guro Inosanto and Sifu Vunak, Ian has been fortunate enough to train with very Renowned martial arts instructors including Sifu Pat Tray, Professor Asher Willner, Grand Tuhon Leo Gaje, Jr., Guro Burton Richardson, Guro Daniel Lonero, Tuhon Mel Tortal, Fred Mastro and Doug Marcaida among others.  Ian is passionate about teaching students of all levels and helping them pursue their martial arts goals.  He is currently living in Washington, DC.