Lawrence Garcia

DOM Rank

Senior Training Officer

PFS Rank

Full Instructor


Los Alamos / New Mexico


New Mexico

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Lawrence started studying the Martial Arts when he was ten years old and has cross trained in numerous styles.

Currently he holds rank in the following styles:

* 3rd degree Black Belt in Tang Soo Do,
* 2nd degree Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do,
* Brown Belt in Ka Ju Kenpo,
* D.O.M Southwest Regional Coordinator,
* Full Instructor – Progressive Fighting Systems Contemporary JKD and Filipino Martial Arts,
* Senior Training Officer, Information and Marketing Director, – Descendants of the Masters Contemporary JKD,
* Completed Paul Vunak’s Advanced Hand to Hand Combat training,
* Completed MALC (Military, Agency, Law enforcement, Contractor) Close Combat Tactics Instructor-ship course,
* Completed the Military Edge Weapons Instructor Certification (Level 3),
* Currently Lawrence is working towards developing hours to become a Full Military Edge Weapons Instructor under Paul Vunak,
* He has studied for 15+ years (not interested in rank) Kali, Judo, submissions, traditional weapons (forms) with Steve Schrenkel (crazy),
* Currently Lawrence is studying Gaidojutsu (kickboxing and submission wrestling) with Joey Villasenor professional MMA fighter at Jackson’s MMA (the world’s premiere fight team and academy).

Lawrence has competed in the past in many Martial Arts Tournaments, but he has found more satisfaction out of simply teaching and training Mix Martial Arts. Lawrence has a small school called “Progressive Fighting Systems of New Mexico” (Face Book) were he teaches MMA, no specific style. However, he has adapted many of the Jeet Kune Do concepts in his training. He enjoys the diverse styles, the realistic self-defense, and innovative concepts of JKD. Currently, JKD is his primary focus because of the challenging variety of styles it incorporates.

Aside from the awesome JKD seminar in 2012, what drew Lawrence to become a member of JKD is Paul Vunak quote: “give back.” “… members will be helping me fulfill my spiritual destiny by teaching a disabled child.”

They are the true warriors!

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New Mexico