Mark Fusco

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Arcadia, FL

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Mark Fusco is a certified instructor under Sigung Paul Vunak. He is a former Navy pilot and a graduate of the US Naval Academy. Mark sought out Sigung Vunak based on interaction with SEAL team members who were trained by Vunak. Paul Vunak has been contracted by SEAL teams, DEA, CIA, DoD, and many other agencies because of his specialized skill sets and ability to teach them. Professor Mark began training with his father at age six in jiu-jitsu. By age ten, he began formal training in GoJu Karate. This training culminated in a 3rd degree Black Belt. At the Naval Academy, Mark lettered on the Academy Karate Team, while becoming team captain and the co-instructor of the Naval Academy Karate Club. His pedigree includes receiving instruction from a veritable who’s who of world class martial artists, (including three members of the Black Belt Hall of Fame: Prof. Wally Jay, Prof. Remy Presas and GM George Dillman. All three awarded Coach a 3rd degree Black Belt). Now, he is training with the elite of the elite, Sigung Vunak. In addition to his DOM/PFS rank, Coach holds a 6th degree Black Belt in Jiu-jitsu, and also a 4th degree Black Belt in Ryukyu Kempo. He also holds an Apprentice Instructorship in Arnis. CFusco is a certified high school teacher in physics. He uses his professional teaching skills to great effect with martial arts students of all ages.