Codie Braegger

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Full Instructor


Brigham City, Utah

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Codie Braegger has been training in the martial arts since he was six years old after watching a movie with Chuck Norris, after seeing a brief clip, he asked his father “what was that”, his father replied “that is martial arts Codie”. Codie’s dad had hand-to-hand combat training with the military and started teaching Codie some of it and his passion for the martial arts grew from there. There were no schools in the small city that he lived in so his parents being very supportive bought Codie every book, and video on martial arts that they could. At the age of 15, Codie got the chance that he had dreamed of. A martial arts school opened in his hometown. Codie’s martial arts journey began when he enrolled at the Bushido Martial Arts Center under Sensei Craig Montgomery a 4th dan in Funakoshi Karate, a 4th Dan in Bushido Kickboxing, and a Golden Gloves Boxer. After receiving his black belts in Fuankoshi Karate, Bushido Kickboxing, and winning two medals in traditional katas and sparring at the 2002 AAU National Karate Championships; he then found there was something missing in his martial arts training. Codie began studying other systems. Codie began training in Northern Shoalin Kung Fu under Sifu Tim Gasper. At this point Codie also started to train in Judo, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and Greco Roman Wrestling. In 2008 Codie got the opportunity when he discovered Sifu Paul Vunak and the Decendants of the Masters Program. Codie Braegger now has his Full Instructors rank under Sifu Vunak.