Instructor Name: Martial Louie F. Zapata
DOM Rank: Senior Training Officer
PFS Rank: Senior Instructor
Location: Brentwood, CA
Phone Number: 925-437-8146
Email Address:
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..."The attitude I choose keeps me going or cripples my progress. It alone fuels my fire or assaults my hope."...Charles Swindoll

Martial Louie F. Zapata


​Martial Zapata is a Self-Defense instructor based in Brentwood, CA. He is the Chief Instructor for East Bay Progressive Fighting Systems, a school founded on the principles of Contemporary Jeet Kune Do (CJKD) through the instruction of his trusted friend and mentor, Paul Vunak, the founder and CEO of Progressive Fighting Systems. He holds the rank of Senior Full Instructor, Senior Military Edged Weapons Instructor, Law Enforcement Instructor, Senior Training Officer for Descendants of the Masters (DOM), Advanced Hand-to-Hand Tactics and is the Progressive Fighting Systems West Coast Regional Director. His experience in the field involves countless hours of travel and training alongside Paul, conducting major seminars to large groups of students with varied backgrounds which include high ranking martial arts instructors, military and law enforcement agents, executives, as well as, the common man.

Martial is of Filipino descent who was raised in the Philippines, in the Island of Luzon. He was initially introduced to the art of Kali/Arnis as a teen and then continued on studying the art as an adult. His passion for the Filipino Martial Arts began early on in his life. And being it that his father was a blacksmith, as a child, he grew up watching his dad make knives, machetes and other forms of edged weapons. This experience, along with his passion to learn more about his Filipino culture through the study of self-defense, fueled his desire to become more educated about the Filipino Martial Arts, Kali.

Martial is the youngest of twelve12 children and is a devoted husband and loving father of four. He has enjoyed working as a Critical Care Registered Nurse in the Intensive Care Unit for past 17 years, providing care for critically ill patients and taking on the key role as Charge Nurse, overseeing the entire unit, as needed. He is certified in Advanced and Basic Cardiac Life Support, Intravenous RN, Rapid Response RN, also acts as an immediate response RN to patients who are experiencing cardiac arrest or arrhythmias throughout the whole hospital. As Preceptor, throughout his nursing career, Martial has contributed greatly, to the learning experiences of countless nursing students and newly hired nurses.

Martial's teaching philosophy extends from his own personal convictions to protect those he loves most and to teach others to be able to do the same. His teaching style emphasizes on Progressive Fighting Systems' Reality-Based Self-Defense approach to Martial Arts, which doesn't just focus on one's physical abilities, but also on one's mental, emotional and spiritual awareness as it relates to the situation at hand. Typical training sessions with Martial can be physically challenging, but more importantly, they are engaging and empowering. This is because he takes great pleasure in instilling confidence to his students by equipping them with the tools to protect themselves and preserve the safety of their loved ones.


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